The Ostrowski Family’s Birth Journey

When I first met MJ & Kristin they were so sweet and so excited to meet the beautiful baby Theo. MJ told me during our consultation that she would be having a natural birth at Christ Hospital in the Feng shui labor & delivery room. During MJ’s labor Kristin comforted her along side her Doula, Jennifer from Gentle Seed Doula Services.

MJ was so excited her sister made a trip up from Beria, KY to visit. Her sister and her nieces and nephew took her mind off of laboring for a while. As she progressed into active labor, her progression became indolent at 6cm. She remained at 6cm for several hours until her midwife, Michelle asked if she could break her water. Michelle was getting ready to break her water and Theo ended up breaking it on his own. Once her water broke her contractions became powerful and the only way she found comfort was in the water.

Things were speeding up and the pain was intense. Delivering a natural birth was part of MJ & Kristin’s birthing plan with the midwife and doula. With a wonderful support team next to them, MJ was able to push past the last few hours with the help and support of Michelle and Jennifer.

The moment finally came at 10:47pm for MJ and Kristin to finally meet their beautiful baby boy, Theo.

Welcome to the World Theo Ostrowski

6lb 13oz 21inches

Congratulations MJ & Kristin


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