Bria Reece’s Birth Journey

I met Amber and Brian on a hot summer day for a creek maternity session. They both were so excited for their session and the anticipation of meeting their baby girl, Bria. They obviously nailed their maternity session!

Brian and Amber’s journey to become parents has not been an easy road to travel as they have encountered a lot of bumps along the way. Amber has battled PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and they tried for 3 years to conceive. They did multiple tests, medications, procedures before finally having to do IVF to conceive their son Brock. Brock was born at 21 weeks 4 days due to an incompetent cervix and only lived for 3 hours. The doctors then told them they had to wait 9 months to try to conceive again. After the long wait they did a frozen embryo transfer which resulted in a very much anticipated but nerve wracking pregnancy with Miss Bria Reese. Everyone in their lives were praying for this sweet girl to stay put and grow and make it to full term.

At 39 weeks Amber headed to the hospital to be induced. Amber and Brian had a huge support team with them at the hospital to keep them company through their birth journey. Amber and her best friends danced to the baby mama song and laughed & joked about the past to pass the time. Amber and her friends have been best friends since they were 4 years old and were in each others weddings and attended each others births. Amber and Brian’s family and friends stuck with them the entire 24hr. delivery.

Amber being her loving self, brought in a HUGE basket of goodies for her friends, family and staff at the hospital to enjoy. Amber wanted to treat her family and friends to a late night/early morning sweet treat. She raved about Insomnia Cookies, a Cincinnati cookie spot that delivers hot fresh cookies right out of the oven until 3AM! When the warm gooey cookies finally arrived they were gone within a matter of minutes, they were so delicious.

It must have been the smell of those delicious cookies at 2am, Amber started to progress quickly after the cookies were delivered. By 3:30AM she started her practice pushes and nurses were setting up the room for the big arrival. Amber’s close friends that had stayed with her all day quickly piled in a corner waiting for the special moment. Brian was patiently waiting for the arrival of his sweet little girl, he comforted Amber as she went through every push.

After a few sets of pushes, Bria Reece finally made her appearance at 4:36AM.

Welcome to the World

Bria Reece Vater

6lbs 14oz 20.5in

After 5 years of fertility issues; Amber, Brian, family and friends were ecstatic to meet little Miss Bria.

Amber has always shared her infertility journey and grief journey from the loss of her son with her friends, family & community, everyone was very invested in this pregnancy and have said countless prayers and sent their well wishes

Congratulations Amber and Brian!

  1. Karen Singh says:

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful. Welcome to mommy and daddy world.

  2. Naomi Barger says:

    Thanks for sharing this love story❤

  3. Vickie Fulton says:

    Congratulations Amber and Brain! Wishing you all as a "Family" the very best! 💝

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